Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik(MUHS)

The SIA College Premises,P-88, Gajabandhan Patharli, Gymkhana Road, Dombivli East. Dist. Thane. Pin 421203.
Program Specific Outcome
I B.P.Th.
To deal with the basic foundation in medical as well as physiotherapy subjects.
• The foundation of human body structure & function & energy utilization is achieved by studying the subjects Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry.
• Application of Students knowledge of Physics i.e. Mechanics, Electricity, Water , Sound & Light on human body and in understanding movements and the various physiotherapeutic modalities under the subject of Fundamentals of Electrotherapy & Fundamentals of Kinesiology & Kinesiotherapy.

II B.P.Th.
• To understand the altered physiology by studying pathology & Microbiology.
• To get oriented to various Pharmacotherapeutic agents used along with their effects by studying Pharmacology.
• To study about normal and altered human mind & behavior by studying Psychology & Psychiatry Which is required for effective communication with the patients and care givers.
• To acquire the knowledge of Biomechanics as applicable to human body in the context of Kinetics & kinematics of Joints, Movements & Daily activities under subject of Kinesiology and shall acquire knowledge and learn various physiotherapeutic skills on models in subject of Kinesiotherapy.
• In Electrotherapeutics, students will acquire knowledge and learn application & uses of various electrotherapeutic modalities on models.

• This intends to familiarize students with principles of General surgery and Medicine including various specialties like cardiovascular, thoracic, neurology and plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, dermatology and preventive and social medicine.
• It also familiarizes the students with terminology and abbreviations for efficient and effective chart reviewing and documentation.It explores various conditions needing attention, focusing on epidemiology, pathology, as well as primary and secondary clinical characteristics and their surgical and medical management.

IV B.P.Th.
• This includes a study of applied anatomy and physiology of the musculo-skeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular system along with pathological changes and patho-mechanics of the system.
• Community Physiotherapy describes the roles & responsibilities of the Physiotherapist as an efficient member of the society. This component introduces the Physiotherapist to a proactive preventive oriented philosophy for optimization & betterment of health.

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